Frost River Industries

Details about the industries in Frost River

A: Commonweealth Paper Products

Manufacturer of printed boxes and related packaging

  • IN: Bulk Paper (boxcars)
  • OUT: Finished Paper Products (boxcars)

B: Unnamed Industry

Industry details TBD

  • IN: TBD
  • OUT: TBD

C: Dixie Cup Plant (Georgia Pacific)

Manufacturer of ... Dixie Cups ... and other paper products

  • IN: Bulk Paper (boxcars)
  • OUT: Finished Paper Products (boxcars)

D: JIF Peanut Butter Plant

Manufacturer of peanut butter

  • IN: Bulk Peanuts (covered hoppers), food oils (tanks)
  • OUT:Empties

E: GAF Roofing Products

Manufacturer of asphalt shingles and related products

  • IN: Asphalt, fiberglass, minerals (tanks, hoppers, boxcars)
  • OUT: Finished asphalt shingles (boxcars)

F: 84 Lumber

Retail lumber distributor

  • IN: Lumber (bulkhead and centerbeam flats)
  • OUT: Empties

G: West 6th Brewing Co.

Craft brewery

  • IN: grains, alcohol, bottles (hoppers, tanks, boxcars)
  • OUT: Craft beer (boxcars)

H: Young Warehouse

Wholesale transfer warehouse service

  • IN: Empties, Carload and LCL Products (boxcars)
  • OUT: Empties, Carload and LCL Products (boxcars)

J: Pepsi Bottling Plant

Bottling plant and distributor for Pepsi products (actual brand TBD

  • IN: HFCS (tank)
  • OUT: Empties

L: Standlee Forage

Transloading and distribution center for hay and other forage products.

  • IN: Hay (boxcars)
  • OUT: Empties