Glover's Bend Layout Tour

Welcome to Glover's Bend!

Current Status

Glover's Bend was about 75% complete but has now been dismantled.

Layout Design

  • Name: Glover's Bend
  • Scale: N (1:160)
  • Prototype: Freelanced
  • Locale / Era: Southwestern West Virginia (near Williamson, WV), modern day
  • Style: "Hollow Core Door"
  • Room Size: 14' x 17' (4.3 x 5.2 m)
  • Layout Size: 38" x 80" with staging extensions
  • Turnouts: Minimum #4
  • Minimum Radius: 11"
  • Maximum Grade: 2%
  • Height: 48"
  • Benchwork: EPS foam on box grid
  • Roadbed: Cork
  • Track: Atlas Code 80 and Code 55
  • Control: Digitrax DCC

Layout Theme

Glover's Bend is a fictional town in Southwestern West Virginia, and is near the center of the CH&FR Railroad system. The industries on the layout are fictional. The town is situated around the real town of Delbarton, WV, about 10 miles from Williamson, WV.

The time frame is modern day, 21st century, though the exact date is left open to interpretation, and the season is springtime.

Operations are focused on industrial switching in the town of Glover's Bend, coal operations to the nearby LaVere mine, and mainline operations interacting with Nolan Yard.

The layout can be operated point-to-point, with the staging wings representing Russell, KY (CSX) and Williamson, WV (NS), or can be run a continuous running "display mode" using the two mainline loops.


View from the west, NSN Scientific in the foreground.

View from the north, looking over Twin Bridge Hill into town.

View from the northeast, looking over the mine tracks.

View from the east, looking down over the mountain into town.

View from the southeast looking in to Nolan Yard.

View from the southwest, looking over Nolan Yard.


Loscher Marble & Glass
Manufacturer of fine glass marbles and other glass products, including bottles used in the fine wine and craft beer industries.
Glover's Bend Freight & Tranfser
Freight transfer station serving a variety of businesses in the region around Glover's Bend
Mountaineer Propane
Residential and commercial propane distributor.
NSN Scientific, Inc.
Supplier of varied solid and liquid chemicals for the commercial and scientific research industries.
LaVere Mining Co. Tipple #3
Mine tipple along the Mine Branch just outside of town.

Nolan Yard

Nolan Yard provides a crew change point for through trains, as well as an interchange for local freight deliveries.

  • A/D Tracks: 1
  • Class Tracks: 5
  • Engine Service: Fuel, Sand, Water
  • Switcher: EMD NW2


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