System Map

Locomotive Roster

Information on active Locomotives on the CH&FR

Virtual Interchange Operations

The CH&FR participates in Virtual Interchange Operations using the MRICC Virtual Car Forwarding and Interchange Ops System.

See the MRICC Yahoo! Group for details.

General Operating Rules

The following rules shall be adhered to at all times on all CH&FR Property. 

Employees and guests should also consult the relevant Employee Timetable for specific rules governing the Subdivision they will be visiting or operating on.  In no case shall a rule spelled out in an Employee Timetable supersede these General Rules.

  1. The safety of crew, passengers, workers and civilians is paramount.  No operations are permitted that would compromise the safety of anyone.  This rule supersedes all other rules.  This rule is referred to as "GOR#1" elsewhere in this document.
  2. No operations which would damage equipment is permitted, except where avoiding equipment damage would result in a safety hazard to personnel or bystanders.
  3. No unauthorized personnel are permitted to operate the equipment.  Untrained guests must be directly supervised by the Train Master or a trained employee designated by the Train Master.
  4. Chain of Command shall be strictly followed.  The Train Master is the final authority on all operations and activities on the Railroad.  The Conductor is in charge of the operation of the train, and the Engineer is in charge of the Locomotive Consist.  Disputes between the Conductor and Engineer shall be resolved in accordance with these rules, or arbitrated by the Train Master.
  5. No Train may exceed the posted maximum speeds without the express permission and supervision of the Train Master.  No Train Order or Track Warrant may authorize exceeding the posted speed limits unless personally signed by the Train Master.
  6. Switches and other operator controls shall be operated in accordance with the specific rules set out in the relevant subsections of the Employee Timetable.
  7. No Train may be intentionally crashed or derailed, except as necessary to conform to GOR#1 above.
  8. Rolling stock must be kept on the track or in storage at all times.
  9. No handling of rolling stock except for coupling/uncoupling or re-railing.
  10. No alcoholic beverages or other drugs are to be used during railroad operations, nor for 12 hours prior to commencing operations ("12 hours bottle to throttle").  Employees or guests suspected of abusing drugs or alcohol on or off duty shall be suspended indefinitely and urged to seek counseling.
  11. No food or drink in the railroad operating area, except at designated locations and with the permission of the Train Master.
  12. Despite all these seemingly onerous rules, employees and guests are encouraged to HAVE FUN!