Layout Tours

Here you can find details of the layouts I have constructed and/or am constructing, along with layout designs that I have done or considered but not constructed. Each has a story behind it, and each contains lessons for the astute reader.

Click the layout images for detailed information on each layout

Frost River Sub

Status: Tracklaying!

Frost River is the new layout, under construction in a spare bedroom. It is a walk-in / around-the-walls style layout focused mainly on modern industrial switching, and will support up to four operators.

Glover's Bend

Status: Dismantled

Glover's Bend was the previous layout. It was a 38x80 inch "hollow core door" style layout with a balanced focus of mainline through trains and switching operations. Glover's Bend supported up to three operators. It was fully operational with about 75% complete scenery when stopped.